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New forum:   U.S. Hang Gliding Pilots
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=================================     for reporting interesting
links or facts regarding some rated pilot

Jan. 31, 2020    PP:    Dan Simpson
Dec. 24, 2019:    PP:
    Bryant Slade   
Dec. 21, 2019     PP:   Paul B. MacCready Jr.
Dec. 18, 2019      PP   Craig Muhonen      pre-H-0 solid Otto-Spirited
Dec. 7 2019:   PP:      Mitchell L. Robinson  
Nov. 2, 2019     PP:   Ron Holder
Oct. 13, 2019:   PP:   Katherine Yardley
Sept. 1, 2019   PP:   Steve Miller     PP:   Kim Berry   

Aug. 19,2019   PP:   Mike Christian

Aug 14, 2019     PP:   Steve A. Wendt
Aug. 8, 2019: PP:    Bryan Yute      PP:   Juan Carlos Costa
Aug. 5, 2019:   PP:   Doug Bebensee
July 5, 2019:   PP: Bob Rouse  
July 1, 2019:    PP:  
Nancy Tachibana    
June 28, 2019:     PP: Chris Muller  
June 22, 2019:    PP:   Jim MacNutt   
June 10, 2019;    PP:
  Wayne Ripley
May 27, 2019    PP:   Martin Jaeger
May 15, 2019    PP: Shane Taylor Useem  
May 5, 2019    PP: Jeff Roberson
April 23, 2019:    PP: Rick Wilson    
April 22, 2019:    PP:   Paul Voight   
  April 7, 2019    PP: Ernie Casco
April 5,, 2018:    PP: Douglas Pilling      PP: James Fieser
April 4, 2019     PP: Bob England
April 1, 2019     PP: Steve Smith
March 29, 2019      PP: Brian Matthew Sager    PP: Steve Penny   
March 28, 2019:     PP: Brian Svik    
March 27, 2019      PP:   William Scott Blake   
March 12, 2019    PP: Francis Melvin Rogallo   
March 10, 2019    PP:   J-J Cote

Mar. 3, 2019    PP:   William W. (Bill) Vogel        RIP
March 1, 2019:    PP:   Christopher A. Carrillo     PP: Nathan Addy
Feb. 26, 2019     PP: Eric Hinrichs    

Feb. 23, 2019:   PP:  
Lucas R. Berger     PP: Allen R. Sparks      PP: Billy Floyd     PP: Brad Hall  

Feb. 20,2019:     PP: David Bratt       PP:    Collin E. King       PP: Dave Taylor    

Feb. 14, 2019     PP:   Tiki Mashy

Feb. 13, 2019     PP:   Ananth Vikram Bommireddipalli

Feb. 12, 2019     PP:    Matt Barker     

Feb. 9, 2019, Sat.:     PP:  
Zachary Castille

Feb. 7, 2019:    PP:   Joe Bedinghaus
Feb. 6, 2019     PP:   Zeph Gruis  
Feb. 3, 2019:    PP: Brian Huston

Feb. 2, 2019:      PP:    James R. Gaar       PP:   Crystal Wolfe       PP:   John H. Wilber
Jan. 31, 2019     PP:   Eric Froehlich        PP: Eddie Paul   
Jan 24, 2019     PP:  
John Quinn Olson   
Jan. 19, 2019     PP:   Craig Pirazzi          PP:   John Kangas
Jan. 18, 2019   PP:   John LaTorre              PP:   Keith Smith     
Jan. 16, 2019     PP: Scot Trueblood    
Jan. 15, 2019   
PP:    Mark Knight       PP:   Tom Thompson       PP:   Peter Tobolsky     
PP:   Ken Andrews       PP: David Yount      
Jan. 14, 2019:    PP:   David Aldrich         PP:   Matt Hayes PENDING     
Jan. 13, 2019:    PP:   Miller Stroud     
Jan. 12, 2019:    PP for Todd Byers  
       PP for   Richard Boone        
Jan. 11, 2019      PP for Jim Steele        PP for John Scott           PP forAaron LaPlante
     PP for Adam Zachary Smith       PP for   John G. Woiwode       PP for Anthony Ameo    
Jan. 9, 2019:                     PP for Jennifer Hu         PP for Rick Maddy    
January 7, 2019.       PP for Ken Howells    

Dec. 27, 2018, Thursday:     PP for   Bill Gawthrop

Dec. 25, 2018     PP for Al Hernandez       PP for Joel Froehlich       PP:   John O'Bryan Seward   

Dec. 24, 2018, Monday:      PP for Jack Lambie        PP:    Jon Gjerde   


Dec. 21, 2018       PP for    Jonathan Irlbeck

Dec. 19, 2018, Wednesday.      Contributors adding interesting links for 9 pilot pages.
PP for Mike Bomstad        PP for Ann Dunlap     

  PP for   Ann Triki
  under five names:
1. AnnDelta                  As
2. Ann Fawkes                Fs
3. Ann Triki                  Ts
4. Ann Delta                 Ds
5. Delta Ann              As
Dec. 16, 2018       PP for
   John Wright      
Dec. 13, 2018, Thursday:       PP for Tim Bugge        PP for Jeff Shapiro    

Dec.12, 2018       PP for Kirk Bridgers     

Dec. 9, 2018, Sunday:             PP: Erika Klein        PP: Greg Black        PP:  
Bill McGinnis    
Dec. 8, 2018, Saturday            PP for Robert Kesselring        PP:   Cory Barnwell      PP:
  Jim Gibson  
Dec. 7, 2018, Friday    PP for Rick Lai                PP for Walt Conklin       PP for Tom Sterner   
Day after two skin biopsies.
Dec. 4, 2018:        PP for   Rod Brown       PP: Dan Harding     PP:   Jason Thomas
Dec. 3, 2018, Monday    PP for Mark Arnold      PP for
Gary Pozzato   yet pending

Dec. 1, 2018, Saturday:    PP for Dean Miller        PP for Dennis Kisow       PP: Keith Nichols  

Nov. 29, 2018
, Thursday
  • PP:   Timo Friedrich   
Nov. 27, 2018:  
  • Staff JpF gets cell phone; Joe Greblo mentioned the possibility; the impossible has happened.   
  • Also faster office Internet has been installed.    
  • Advanced PP of   Scott Wise.     
  • The 2016 income tax return was filed; progress for the 2017 report is being made.    When caught up with tax reports, then PPs will receive more attention and certifications will be processed faster.
  • First bus-service decline occurred for a Wing-5 mimic; lessons learned:   cut profile for waiting; look normal; be dressed normally and in gray; have pack pleasant color perhaps same as clothes to lower visual impact; do not be moving around when bus arrives; have pack behind body until bus stops. Maybe aim for two smaller packs plus one taller-thinner pack ... mimic travel luggage perhaps; maybe have leaflet   for driver showing wing.   

Nov. 21, 2018, Wednesday      New launch: Spectrum for Internet and voice.   
Cell phone coming.
PP: Warren Puckett
PP: Warren Narron

Nov. 14, 2018  
  • ATT service has been down for 10 days. Using library Internet; taking longer.   
  • Help file in mobile memory:  
  • PP:   Keith Blaylock
  • PP:   Brandon Peterson  

Nov. 10, 2018, Saturday
  • BD of son of founder of first USHGA.
  • PP for:   Johann Nield

Nov. 9, 2018:    
  • ATT outage for Internet is lasting now for five days. Not connected throughout 24 hr of today. It may be time to switch to Spectrum.   And build FTP system for CSULA.
  • Took off "Reinstatement Fee."   Saved text locally. The low need for the policy resulted in the staff voting against having the text up for the public.
  • Drop "Full List." Keep only the segmented A-Z "Family Name" alphabetized lists.   A full list will be too cumbersome.  
  • Changed front index page: deleted link to reinstatement matter, took off "S-SA" leaving just "Otto" for that rating. Added: "Pending Data Input".
    • The domain of ratings certified by USHGRS is:  
      H0, H1, H2, H3, H4, HGP, Otto
      and specials skills, or "Pending Data Input"
Nov. 4, 2018, Sunday:      PP: David Beardslee

Nov. 3, 2018, Saturday:    PP:   Michael A. Markowski        
Cliff Schmitt           Added link onto Zac Majors

Nov. 2, 2018, Friday:      PP:   Tom Peghiny

Oct 31, 2018     PP:    Mike Smith

Oct. 29, 2018:   PP:   Rick Girard

Oct 28, 2018     PP:   Robert Patterson

Oct. 21, 2018, Sunday           Alpha 210 bid ... pending confirmation.
In process:   yet: txt:
  Stu Smith   (RIP)   ]    Orion Price   (RIP) ,   Steve Elliot (RIP), Zack Marzec (RIP), Darrell Robbins, John Elwell , L Bauer , Del Peck,   
Gmail: Melissa Axen, Crystal Wolfe, Kevin Koonce, Michael Holmes, Justin Lamarche, Greg Fergus, ​ Ryan Voight, Tomas Banevicius (RIP),
Mike Harker (RIP), Richard   Michael   Wood (RIP),
[ ] Refresh code on Rob Kells'   PP.
  • PP:    Robert Stewart, Saeid Shekarchi,    ​ Gregg Ludwig,    

Oct. 20, 2018, Saturday                         
  • PP:   Steve Rodrigues, James Delear, Jay Devorak, Rob Kells
  • USHGIA     VI, CI, VM, CM, VC, CC.   

Oct 19, 2018:      PP:    Roy Haggard,

Oct. 18, 2008: Thurs:
Contacting, seeking data: :  
  • PP: Ernest Feher
  • ============================================
Oct. 17:    closed.
Oct. 16, Tues, 2018     

October 15, 2018, Monday

  • PP:    Gene Matthews   (RIP) ,
  • PP:   Carol Sturtevant,

October 14, 2018, Sunday:      
  • PP:   Dan DeWeese   with special skill: CI    (commercial instructor).  
  • PP:   Larry Heidler Sr. , yet data sought [ ]

October 13, 2018, Saturday:     [ ] Rec Yes 2   OF
  •   PP:   John Fritsche, Burke Ewing, Aaron Swepston, Kerie Swepston,

October 12, 2018, Friday    Stay at BB,   Bye: David, truck.

October 11, 2018, Thursday:
  Code.txt local for assist.         [ ]   David: firm plan of action.    [ ] Cart packs designed.     [ ] Tax report.   [ ] Avocado    [ ] Orange    [ ] Black to D. [ ] Cart cardboard to recycle.
  •   PP:      Mike Kelsey      ,   Douglas Godfrey   ,   Matt Helm    ,

October 10, 2018, Wednesday:   
October 9, 2018, Tuesday:       Donate truck. Retrieves Friday morning.     IxA
October 8, 2018, Monday :   Closed
October 7, 2018, Sunday   Closed
October   6, 2018, Saturday      PP: Alan Crouse October 5, 2018, Friday:
[ ] Work on -0    change. So far, up to Darin Hector; non-underline code, table polish.
  • 5:30 a.m. open office
  • Staff meeting:   Voted to have "Otto-0" shortened to "Otto" rating.  
    And "S-SA Otto-0" shortened to "Otto".   
    Change all PP that have former to the new.  
    Noted the change in Oz, SHGA, and USHawks forums.
    Changed Glossary, Q & A, and template.
  • Revision up to Darin Hector.

October 4, 2018,   Thursday.        PP launched: Tony Prentice

October 3, 2018, Wednesday:     No office today.    David only.

October 2, 2018, Tuesday October 2, 2018, Tuesday               Rain happened.

      • 8:00 am Open
      • PP launced:   Gary Reese, Darren Brown,   Roy "Buck" McMinn,  
      • Closed 9:45 pm

October 1, 2018, Monday
      • Open: 1:20 a.m
      • PP launched:   Robin Hamilton,   Zac Majors,   Dustin Martin,   Phil Bloom,   Kevin Dutt, Bill Bennet, Bruce Barmakian,   TESTED   Pending
      • Pause 5:00 am for three hrs.
      • 7:35 am    PP :Launching:
        • Larry Bunner , Kevin Carter   ,        Pending
      • PP launchings in HGP, but pending status:  
        • Jeff Chipman , Mick Howard, Sergey Kataev ,   Greg Kendall,   Kevin Kernohan, Austin Marshall, Wayne Michelsen, Patrick Pannese, Mitchell Shipley,   John Simon, Kipp Stone, Alex Tatom,Glen Volk, Andrey Gusev   
      • Andrey Gusev    
      • The beginning of Hanggliding / Playground in the Sky Full Movie     51 min

      • 2:00   after midnight CLOSING

September 30, 2018, Sunday      
      • Open: 9:00 am  
      • PP launches:   Steve Corbin,
      • At RB admin synergy: Added note and textarea in the pilot-input form.   Softer handshake and opportunity for note, question, special-skills statement:   Added:
        • We will directly email you, if we have concerns. But right now, you may give a note or question here or tell of special HG skills that you have attained:

      • Dan (president) of CSS nor its secretary Kevin have responded to possibly joining discussion about CSS.   Silence.   And CSS ban persists.    USHawks is the only venue that allows such open discussion on core sensitive matters.
      • Paused 2-4 pm.
      • Closed 10:45 pm.

September 29, 2018, Saturday     
      • 5:30 am    Open  
      • Evidence study
      • Opening HG Dictionary
      • Sites folder
      • Harnesses folder
      • Parachutes for HG reserve folder
      • PP launching:    Dennis Pagen, Dan Poynter, Juan Camilo Mira, John Harris,
      • CSS challenge work at forum. Progress.   Seeking copy of the lease with the State of California; find the upper laws and regulations that are being conflicted by way of misguided interpretations.
      • Closing 11:55 p.m.

September 28, 2018, Friday    
      • 7:45 am Open
      • On mind [ ] 1971, May 23,   meet pilots, reunion pilots, competition pilots, YouTube pilots, club pilots, flight-site pilots,     Page search at Full List easy to use.
      • Victoria McBride, Bill Liscomb, Taras Kiceniuk, Dr. Paul McCready (RIP), Jack Lambie, William A. Allen (sp), Photo-Fly (see Simone Short email captions), Douglas Carmichael, Bruce Carmichael, clubs, competitions, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google, CD history,  
      • [ ] Did not get reply from BT on SeedwingsUSA.
      • PP adds : Dave Broyles, Luke Waters,
      • CSS study; posted question: are public funds involved in the land deal?
      • Invited prez of CSS to join discussion about CSS in forum.
      • 12 mdnt close office

September 27, 2018, Thursday  

      • 5:30 Opened office
      • 7:00 am    Launced a new step one form for pilot to start ratings-certification process.   Shorter, quicker, easier.
      • [ ] Button office windows
      • [ ] Spot responses?
      • [ ] Send spot offers and Ad Rate.      Businesses.   Clubs.   CIs  
      • FAA:         Sent Waiver Application re: FAR 103 (a) via FAX      interior file:   FAAforFAX.txt   and PDF of Waiver Application, digitally signed. ::
        ::"Two-person unpowered foot-launch of hang glider for recreational hang gliding sport education."   "
        Your fax to FAA for 103(a) waiver at 4244057866 has been sent successfully!
        Successful delivery of your fax was confirmed at 4:32 PM Eastern Daylight Time on September 27th, 2018
        Your fax included 1 page of coversheet with your text and 3 pages of attached documents. "
      • Improved some earlier PPs.
      • Invited driver Kendrick J. Stallard non-pilot? DRIVER, photographer ?   via Twitter to USHGRS input form  
      • 8:00 pm   Received    DW    skill paragraph from Skills Committe member BC.   Skills draft page URL shared.
      • Sent URL PP of SP to MM for look and forward.  
      • 8:52 pm   Invited MG to be on skills page committee. [ ]?
      • Explored competitions.
      • Advanced Skills draft file.  
      • Launched PP:   Jerry Katz    ... first to HG XC 100 miles
      • 11:45 pm Close office.

September 26, 2018,   Wednesday
      • 8:00 am Opened office
      • Added NT   Next Thermal to glossary. NT may be stated by USHGRS as a rating for those who seemed to have earned the notice of their Maker where by they will be able to keep flying hang gliders forever after their proven flight through death's door.
      • Apply NT to RIP, if vote is unanimous by the ratings committee.
      • [ ] Spot takers? S, W, M, FF .    Open interior file: SpotAnswers.html  
      • [ ] Offer spots to: ______
      • Formed six sections for registry USHGIA: VM, VC, VI, CM, CC, CI.   
        A Particular person might wear two or more of those hats applied to different HG Pilots.
        E.g., "I, John Doe, am open to serve you   under any of the six categories; which service do you, Sally Pilot, want from me?   The VM, VC, VI, have no charges.   The CM, CC, or CI will have fees."

      • AC 103-7    of 1984    shared and linked    [ ] Reach for all exemptions on record.
      • Developed ad rate file for spot adverting in hang gliding pages online.
      • Ad rates are up:   Ad rates for hang gliding sites      
        Much lower rate for volunteers to have display ad:   VM, VC, VI,   No fee for registering volunteer mentoring, coaching, instructing.

      • Skill Acronym Committee.   Sent draft to BC      with content from draft file at USHGIA.    Sent Jeremy question on FB on one acronym.
      • Added   background-color to inline text fields in pilot input form.
      • Closed office: 11:55 pm

September 25, 2018,   Tuesday
      • 7:30 am open
      • Added a relationship with a FB-based Microlight and Ultralight Aircraft club. Posted in Relationships.html
      • Added    United States Ultralight Association (USUA)
      • Added:   United States Powered Paragliding Association     USPPA
      • Added:   Aero Sports Connection       {ASC}
      • Added:    US Department of Transportation
      • Added:
      • AnswersAwaited.html   has been started. Posted several notes   Linked on Relationships.html
      • Launched
      • Sent spot offer to First Flight Insurance Group, Inc.   See Gmail.   And BT, WW, Moyes.
      • Launched PP:   Michael Van Dorn, John Wiseman, Jesse Fulkersin (RIP), Lukas Shaanon,
      • Posted in a forum about gathering mentors, coaches, instructors of both strips: volunteer or commercial for each category    HERE
      • Added to Google search:
      • Added NT as a rating for some: Next Thermal :: qualified to enter the Next Thermal and fly forever RIP.
      • BAK of Skydrive Documents to work file in EKS to be reduced.
      • TTT work
      • Closed 2:00 am after midnt
September 24, 2018,   Monday
      • 8: 00 am    Anchors and top-linked questions on Q & A page.
      • Added a question and answer to Q & A page.
      • Requested of Davis again? pending on locked to pic on Pilot Pages
      • [ ] Conversation continues about FFFF opening to regular individual independent visiting RHG pilots and thus correcting the SUP soon and potential coming SUP with NPS/GGNRA
      • Explaining USHGRS at a forum
      • FFFF conversation in forum
      • Launched PP :      Larry West, Dave Gibson, Christopher Grotbeck,
      • Pilot wrote USHGRS and asked if some specific interest-enhacing matter could be posted   on a pilot's PP. Yes, USHGRS likes   to expand PP   withe interest-enhancing notes, images, drawings, etc.   Done.
      • Staff meeting   result:   Form   USHGRS   volunteer   committees   to   address   specific needs and   issues in   recreational hang gliding   in the   United   States.
      • Closed: 12 midnight

September 23, 2018,   Sunday
          • Launched:   Jeff Gildehaus, MalurySilberman, Greg DeWolf
          • Government research in support of changing flawed SUP at FFFF.  
          • Davis ? pending on locked to pic on Pilot Pages  
          • Attending the forum meeting with FFFF srskypuppy    HERE
          • Close: 11:55 p.m
September 22, 2018,   Saturday
  •   Card:   3.375 inches   ( 8.6 cm ) wide by   2.125 inches   ( 5.4 cm ) tall.
  •   Q & A   was checked for spelling.
  • Opened work at 7:00 am:   Immediate work started to respond to the admin inputs covered by   [ x] to do tag:    #GmailRBrelsiteCardATTNSept222018   A result, so far, is the new file Relationships which will remain a dynamic public file changing as relationships evolve. A front page text link wll make it easy for wonderers to reach the page. Thanks to the synergy of Bob Bradley's query for this development which may well prove a strong servant to the mission of the USHGRS.    As of 9:40 am the front page hosted:   Action Log    |       To Do    |     Relationships   |     for the world.
  • Sent admin RB email about progress on his points brought forward to make for task: #GmailRBrelsiteCardATTNSept222018  
  • Changed text in Q & A about the Pilot Card image in PDF. Changes: It will not be customized, but rather will be a formal stable image with changing over-image text.   Needed yet: logo and image(s) for background that is inviting to most styles of recreational hang gliding. It is a challenge to come up with a satisfying background image to meet such criteria.
  • Composed and sent email to NPS/GGNRA   Charles Strickfaden; he answered to several CC:   "Thank you Joe, Logan, etc.. duly noted. Appreciate the note. "   Our USHGRS email is posted in a forum that is discussing a change for how a park visitor as individual may fly HG sans joining private corporations.
  • Sent not to James Sword requesting SUP 2018 in PDF re: FFFF. [ ]Pending
  • Completee admin BD's suggestion for    Home link on all pages
  •   4:50 am of Sunday:   Closing     

September 21, 2018,   Friday
  • 5:50 am:   Clearing PP certification for Rich Lovelace.
  • 6:22 am:   USHGRS   invited   potential   sponsors: F, W, so far "Opportunity, please make offer"   Polite front page logo clickable.    Other spots could be on Full List page. Other: Q & A page.   About page. Recreation page. Other spots also: placed "Here Sponsor Opportunity"   note.
  • 6:40   am    Improved   appearance   on   four PPs
  • 6:50 am    Formed two sponsor spots on front page; launched the opportunity notice.   And now other spots. Keep ads off of PP.
  • 7:00 am    Two gold cells siding PP first section template.
  • 7:52 am    Sent email to NPS list, BCC short list: 2.   Re: Clarification and ruling request for individual NPS visitors.Invited to discussion, or look.
  • 9:44 am    Staff meeting     Add to Admin: Brad Gryer, see email.
  • 10:00 am   FFFF work on forum and email
  • 10:00 pm   Still in FFFF conversation.
  • Close work: 11:45 p.m.

September 20, 2018,   Thursday
  • Staff meeting: Discussed secondary option of focused input send forms that could be linked from the first report page following pilot using the primary form. Focused forms would be for interest-enhancing data input. Mentioned for possibilities:
    • List of wings flown,
    • Favorite sites flown.
    • Personal incident lessons you want to share with all.
    • Favorite kind/mode of recreational hang gliding?
  • 7:40 am:   First to use new form and be processed through USHGRS rating certification: Bradley H. Gryder.   
  • Posted historical fact of above line to a forum.
  • 9:24 am   Installed HGpilotFORM   text link on front page of USHGRS.   Simplified key matter on front page.
  • 10:00   Advanced the main form's Thank You page to include offer to receive optional information. Named were the items brought up in staff meeting this morning.
  • 11:00 am: Received from committee change notice for comment
  • 3:58 pm :   PP is now active for Sam Kellner with H4, HGP, S-SA Otto-0 .
  • 6:00 pm: Using a public form online: USHGRS sent query for documents and gave request for a ruling from GGNRA. Our text in local file: GGNRA001.txt   This is our first communication with GGNRA to bring value to USHGRS ratings carried by hang glider pilots.
  • Sent clipped images of upper part of PP to three pilots.
  • 7:30 pm: USHGRS posted in a forum an encouragement for others to write to the GGNRA with their request concerning HG at Fort Funston.
  • 8:17 pm: PP for Jack Barth
  • FFFF matters related to ratings; invited many to help resolve challenge. Discussion is going on in hopes to resolve a key site's challenge HERE.
      • 11:45 pm:   Closing work.  

  September 19, 2018,   Wednesday
  • FFFF matters relative to USHGRS.
  • Launched PP:    Brian Porter, Stephen J. Baran,
  • 7:30 am: Received notion: "If FFFF disappears ideas that are on target seeking fairness without notice, it must be wondered how much safety information FFFF hides from GGNRA."
  • 7:42 am: Received home page appearane source material from volunteer admin Robert Bradley; we will install it very soon.
  • 8:24 a.m: Launched the new gifted code from Robert Bradley for the front page of USHGRS.   Thank you!  
  • 8:53 am: Launched Robert Bradley's gift for background on all pages up front, not PPs.   Thank you!  
  • 9:30 am: Launched non-underlining for pilot-list linking to make page easier to read.
  • [x] Addressed issues in internal file:   000ToDo2viaRED.txt
  • 10:22 AM: Sent another request to sg, now broadening the potential discussion group by a wder CC list and wider BCC list expansion.
  • 12:48 Full List will have some unlinked names meaning that certification of rating by USHGRS is underway, perhaps more data is needed to complete the process. The page guide at headline reads: " Unlinked name means "under review, info needed" "
  • 2:10 pm:   Faced FFFF person RR in email. Challenges are being faced. Copy sent to board of FFFF.   USHGRS public communications in the FFFF sector.
  • 5:29 pm   Launched PP for one of the oldest FL solo HGP:   Otto Von Rosen.  
  • 8:30 pm ended a couple hours of facing FFFF. Had to break for food shopping. We will be phone contacting FFFF at their invite a.s.a.appropriate.
  • An admin Robert Bradley sent source code for a pilot-information input form; it will take some time to mesh such with our servers and test the form.
  • 12:00 midnight:   We made good program on first draft of pilot input form. Thank you page needs much design work yet.   Try it:   PilotSendFormHere  
  • USHGRS just launched the form in Oz Report and USHawk.
  • Day closing now: 1:45 am
  September 18, 2018, Tuesday
  • DM's suggestion last week was examined at staff meeting. The vote was to compromise; the decision for the FullList and the FamilyName list: remove "(RIP)" from line content.   It has been accomplished and launched. Thanks, DM.
  • Attribution for DM's contribution was posted to the world through Oz Report.
  • Organized FTP sister sites. FTP tool has all domains ready now.
  • Thanks to for hosting heavy files for    Appropriate, as hang gliders are free-flying kite systems with pilot as main anchor tethered to wing; as anchor moves or falls, the anchor pilot tows the upper kited wing; hang gliding is a form of kite flying; there are many ways hang glider flying may produce energy; see how energized we get when we hang glide recreationally.
  • RB is point man on PilotCard system underway.   Trial draft card is being made and examined for system efficiency.   See Pilot Page of   Robert Bradley    for a peek; at the Pilot Page: click "PilotCard" to see the draft version. Pilots could email a photo they suggest for their custom card, or USHGRS could offer background photo per pilot.  
  • Launched Kenneth Bryenton, David Saffold, Bob Grant, Dave Kilbourne,  
  • Posted some agreed interest enhancers on some PPs.
  • Put a pause on PP of J-J Cote.  
  • Day closed at midnight.

September 17, 2018, Monday
  • Posted significant items on ToDo   regarding reception of facts from groups of pilot, tiny groups to large groups.
  • Received from S-SA their statements on some pilots having Otto-0 rating which will be under certification review by USHGRS for possible statements in respective Pilot Pages. US airspace needs to be checked.
  • Started forming internal working folders and files for USHGRS staff to face the reception of pilot data on members of groups tiny or large, local, state, national, however organized.
  • Received core matter and placed it in internal file: 000ToDo2viaRED.txt    Posted a To Do regardng such.
  • Received core matter from MB in email. Installed work files reflecting such.
  • Received notice about serving a national forum
  • Pilots certified and launched today:   Robert Bradley, Steve Seibel,
  • Facing DM again on Oz.    Angel and the Bad Man movie; John Wayne: Angel.    
  • Proved forwarding of emails for team coordination.  
  • Day closed.
Sept 16, 2018, Sunday .   
  • Received update from Michael Robertson. Posted per his let. Fine article linked.
  • Launched this Action Log page. Announced and gave link in the forum of a national hang gliding association's forum: US Hawks Hang Gliding Association in topic USHGRS.   Topic HERE
  • Posted index.html with   for receiving news notes from anyone
  • PPs added today: John Coyier with H4 and S-SA Otto 0.         [[ Paused:   Sam Kellner with H4, HGP, S-SA Otto 0.   ] ]      GaryAnderson with H4 and HGP.    Barton Davidson with H4 and HGP.
  • Pilot gave photo for his Pilot Page:   Robert Kuczewski. Photo posted.
  • Added to front page, the index and in Q & A: "The domain of ratings certified by USHGRS is :   H0, H1, H2, H3, H4, HGP, S-SA Otto 0"
  • Installed answer about reinstatement of a Pilot Page    Seed started days ago; teamwork brought this install and growth of policy.
  • Installed:     Report typo    for easy communication of typos.
  • Sister domain purchased.
  • Wikipedia
  • WPGA link posted for USHGRS
  • WHGA link posted for USHGRS
  • Facing and hugging DM at OZ Report.   Facing PM at Oz Report from DM.
  • Started USHGRS To Do file     
  • Posted link on front index.html for public to reach the ToDo.html    file
  • Sent request to Sam Kellner by email.
  • Note to DL.  
  • Correct source code on some Pilot Pages.
Sept.15, 2018.    Saturday
  • Installed Action Log
  • Offed a note from PP of Michael Grisham, as two distinct persons had same name.
  • Executive committee voted to off some notes from PP of JackAxaopoulos.   Using   two   means: sent   note to   pilot about the reduction of notes.
  • Placed new notes on Michael Robertson PP. Received answer from him on the details. The two persons are no longer at his business.
  • Edited Q & A. Mainly about what all this means, the USHGRS.    Posted invitation nationally for others to ponder what this all means.
  • Committee confirmed H3 and posted on PP of Jeff Odle. Wrote a question to him.
    • Received executive guide principle from MG.   "Stay true to the values of not having a political rating system or making personal comments. Take the high flight. Work on expanding the USHGRS database through reliable sources with the bare facts."
August 24, 2018, Friday
Awakened with the idea of USHGRS.   "Do it!"    "OK, I will."
Purchased registration for the domain
Configured some content for
Set several email boxes to serve USHGRS. Internal filename:   EMAILsUSHGRS.txt     Some will not be used. Some were announced, but then some became absent. KIS.
Birthing period of three weeks or so:   We had not this action log. Actions may be traced with some effort by other means.    First public announcements: Aug. 24,2018    HERE